Hot Shot Hauling by Advanced Express Delivery

When you have cargo that you need safely transported across Houston or across the country, you can count on Advanced Express Delivery to get the job done right ‑ on time and on budget. We are hot shot hauling professionals who can quickly move just about any cargo you can think of, from cars and trucks to oilfield and construction equipment.

Established as a family owned industrial construction business back in 1990, Advanced Express Delivery is now a respected logistics company offering short notice hauling, unscheduled hauling, and oversized load hauling services. No matter what it is, chances are good that we can load it onto one of our specially equipped trucks and deliver it to anywhere within the lower 48 states.

As a business that started in commercial construction, we know how important your cargo is and what might be riding on the timely and efficient delivery of that cargo. When you hire Advanced Express Delivery for your heavy freight hauling needs, you can rest assured that not only will your delivery be handled by a team of industry professionals, but that it will be handled and delivered in a manner that meets or exceeds industry safety requirements.

Because of our extensive experience in construction and logistics, we also understand that heavy freight hauling can’t always be planned for. Sometimes, with no warning at all, you’ve got to get tons of equipment from point A to point B as quickly as possible with little time to prepare ‑ which is why we offer hot shot hauling for all your unscheduled hauling jobs.

The experienced hot shot hauling professionals at Advanced Express Delivery can be contacted at any time, once you discover that you have a short notice hauling job give us a call, we are here for you. We offer free quotes so you can quickly budget our hot shot hauling service into your project. With all of the satisfied customers we’ve helped over the years, chances are good that our hot shot hauling service is just what you’re looking for.

With Advanced Express Delivery, you’re not limited by time or weight. We can handle oversized load hauling requirements in excess of 100 tons ‑ should you need to move that much weight in a hurry.

When the other guys tell you they can’t accommodate your heavy freight hauling or short notice hauling needs, turn to Advanced Express Delivery. Unscheduled hauling and oversized load hauling is what we do, and we do it well. Contact us today.