Courier Deliveries by Advanced Express Delivery

A family owned business since 1990, Advanced Express Delivery is a professional delivery company now using our experience in nationwide heavy equipment hauling to offer courier deliveries to our current and new customers. Based on the same fundamentals that have helped us thrive in the heavy equipment hauling business, you can rest assured that your lighter cargo will be just as safe and secure in the hands of our experienced professionals as any of the other cargo we have been entrusted with over the decades.

Our nationwide courier delivery service is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to make document deliveries and business to business deliveries with ease.

There are several reasons to choose our document delivery service over any of the big names currently offering courier deliveries. For starters, our delivery record speaks for itself. Our drivers who make business to business deliveries are among the safest, most trustworthy people that you will find in the industry. Plus, we also offer free quotes for your nationwide courier delivery needs ‑ so you can know how much you can reasonably expect to spend on our courier service before your items hit the road.

No matter what you need to send, or where in the lower 48 states you need to send it, Advanced Express Delivery can handle it. Whether it’s one time or ongoing, we deliver anything from documents, plans, and contracts to important business equipment that is too small to be hauled by rig but too vital and important to trust to amateurs, interns, or even large corporate private mail providers currently offering courier deliveries.

As a family owned business which has worked with the construction and oil field businesses for many years, we understand what our clients want and what they expect. Whether you count on us for local Houston area document deliveries or nationwide courier delivery service ‑ no matter if you use our document delivery service for personal correspondences or business to business deliveries ‑ you will always be treated as a customer, friend, and member of the family, not just a tracking number.

All of our customers are given the same level of excellent service, whether you use us for courier deliveries, document deliveries, or business to business deliveries.

Contact Advanced Express Delivery today for a free quote on any courier deliveries you would like us to handle. We are ready to serve you.