Courier Service In Houston

If your business is in the greater Houston, TX area and you regularly rely on the timely delivery of important documents and other small parcels, then you need the trusted delivery professionals of Advanced Express Delivery, a professional and established courier service in Houston. Founded in the construction industry and specializing in the transportation of heavy duty construction equipment, Advance Express Delivery is now the small parcel courier of choice for several businesses and professionals in and around Houston.

In addition to providing a fast and efficient courier service in Houston, we also provide long distance courier services for your most important and time sensitive cargo. Using our extensive knowledge of long distance transportation gained after more than two decades of running heavy duty and hot shot deliveries for the construction industry, we’ve built a 24 hour operating courier service in Houston that’s second to none. Also using some of the most accurate route planning programs in the industry, we promise to carry your documents and other small deliveries along the most efficient routes to ensure the on time delivery of your package across Houston or across the lower 48.

If you’re wondering why Advanced Express Delivery should be your top choice for courier service in Houston over the US post office or any of the major private carriers ‑ just consider how important your cargo is to your success. From an important legal document that could make or break your business to a special part for an important piece of equipment ‑ there are several instances where you simply don’t want to deal with a cold government office or a giant faceless corporation. When you entrust us with your cargo, Advanced Express Delivery will give you the tools to track your small shipment in real time and will answer your calls day or night to address any of your concerns throughout the delivery process. If absolutely necessary, we can even contact your assigned courier in the field by cell phone. Try that with the post office or any of the big name couriers and you’ll no doubt be hard pressed to find the same kind of small business values that continue to serve as our foundation. When you work with us, we really want you to feel like you’re working with family.

Once your assigned courier makes it to the delivery address, your package will be signed for and a copy of the delivery receipt made available for your records.

For more information on courier service in Houston or to schedule pickup of a small package for local or long distance courier service, get in touch with Advanced Express Delivery today.

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