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Advanced Express Delivery is your on time delivery and hot shot service. We provide both scheduled and unscheduled delivery services for anything from electrical supplies, lumber, equipment and Heavy Haul/Oversized loads.
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We aim to provide effective transportation from the origin point of your load to its destination every time. We are an efficient logistics company for any and all types of freight. We can move oversized cargo, such as oilfield tools and equipment, pipe and down hole tools, average to smaller sized cargo, such as paperwork, boxes and pallets. You name it, we can move it.

We provide free, accurate quotes and competitive pricing. Quotes depend on the size and type of your load, as well as the origin, destination and any special handling requests.

If you need something hauled locally in Houston or anywhere within the lower 48, give us a call today.

Trucking Services

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From LTL and F/T loads to large equipment, we have what it takes to transport your load. AED is TWIC certified and TSA verified, which allows us to gain access into the areas we need to ship your freight efficiently.
To learn more about our Services, check out our Services page or just give us a call at 832-372-9284 with questions or to receive your free transportation quote today.
transportation company houston tx
After years in the transportation business, we have experience hauling freight for the natural gas industry, oil field operations, construction sites, and more. What makes AED unique is the fact that we’ll ship anything! No matter how big or how small - from Cat engines to cardboard boxes, from oversized equipment to official paperwork - we can deliver it for you.
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We understand how important it is your equipment and freight makes it to its destination quickly and safely, and we’re proud to provide you with trucking services that are reliable and can deliver cargo of almost any size. Why look any further when affordable, reliable hauling is just a call away? You can trust us to work closely with you to solve your delivery needs fast.
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We specialize in short notice/no notice hot shot deliveries.
We also provide:
*GPS tracking for trucks and your freight
*Power units to pull a trailer
*Flat bed service for all size deliveries and more!